Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Soon to be vacating

Our family is beginning to get in packing mode for our upcoming vacation to the south. We will be flying out on Saturday for a 10 day trip to St. Louis and beyond. As I think about our vacation many things come to mind about what I want to do and things I want my family to do with me.

Yesterday I stumbled across a series of posts on C.J. Mahaney's blog. The title of the series is "Leadership + Family Vacations." In these posts he discusses the role of the father/husband while on family vacation. He writes about seven lessons he has learned in his history of family vacations. The father must be the one setting the example in the following seven things.

1. A Servant Heart
2. A Tone-Setting Attitude
3. An Awareness of Indwelling Sin
4. Studying Your Family
5. Skillful Surprises
6. Intentionally Together
7. Gratefulness to God

He concludes by saying-
Fathers, I hope some of the lessons I have learned over the years and the mistakes I’ve made and sins I’ve committed on vacation somehow serve you and make a difference in your vacation experience. Before you this summer is a sweet opportunity from God to deepen relationships between family members and create memories that your children will never forget, memories that will outlive you.

You can rest when you get home.

Dads and husbands - serve your families well on vacation. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do - point your family toward Christ. That will be my goal for our upcoming vacation. Pray for me to lead my family to our Lord and Savior during our vacation.

I would encourage you read the entire article here (it's a .pdf).
Or check out Mahaney's blog here.


M. said...

LOVE the Mahaneys.

Have fun vacating. Don't get too comfortable that you forget to come back. You guys will be missed.

Actually, on second thought, I KNOW Ezra will be coming back to see Henry.

Vince said...

yes, ezra will probably return to see his beloved henry...and I am sure when henry sees ezra he will give him his best henry scowl.

M. said...

that's what he does best. It's a skill along the lines of building a cake and shading an upper lip.

Vince said...

what about bowstaff skills?

M. said...

or nunchucks?

Shocks! Pegs! Lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

skill along the lines of building a cake and shading an upper lip.
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